Traditional Thai Pillows and Mattresses

Uniquely Thai has Thai Triangle Pillows are designed through centuries. Their meticulous evolution in style and structure exemplify a timeless, classic creation.

Asian culture is based around small living spaces without chairs. As such, Uniquely Thai Thai Pillows act as a cushion, a mat, a chair, a pillow or a mattress. Living space in Asia is at a premium, with large families living in small spaces, Triangle Pillows are designed to be portable, compact and easy to tidy away.

The resolute structure of the Uniquely Thai triangle pillow prevents deformation, even under intense weight. Triangle Pillows are durable as they distribute weight evenly out to the base. The triangle pillow will only collapse when the Kapok stuffing loses its strength and needs replaced.

This can even be corrected by putting in the sun and beating gently with a tennis racket or something similar. The sun and refluffing of repeated beating will bring the kapok back to life. 

The stacked triangular prism design not only provides strength but, allows air to flow through the pillow, keeping the Thai Triangle Pillow cool. The prisms also act as a divide, filing the organic Kapok into compartments, preventing bunching.

The all natural Kapok stuffing is used due to its weightlessness, making the Thai Triangle Pillows easy to transport or tidy away. Kapok is also exceptionally quick drying and buoyant, enabling the Triangle Pillows to be used outdoors, even in rainy season.


Uniquely Thai Triangle Pillow range comes in five different patterns and two size variations.  Our patterns are designed to fit into both traditional and contemporary households providing a fashionable accent to your living room.

Uniquely Thai Triangle Pillows embody Asian décor; durability, flexibility, portability and Eco-friendliness. These truly traditional Thai Triangle and Thai Folding Pillows are sourced in Thailand but shipped promptly from our California  Warehouse.

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Showing 1–20 of 84 results