Thai Khan Toke Tray Table SOLD INDIVIDUALLY by Diameter


    Select The size you would like. Your Selection of 10″ to 30″ equates to the diameter of the tray you select being 10 inches in diameter or 26 inches in diameter etc.

    Handcrafted wicker table tray for food servings and display. Solidly constructed by skilled native workers in the traditional methods of Thailand, Burma, and Laos. Sold individually by diameter. The picture represents some of the various sizes available. Each Selection is equal to ONE tray. This is not a bundle.

    Thai Khan Toke Tray Table (called khan toke) is a traditional dining table used widely in Northern Thailand. Many dishes are laid in Khan Toke to serve on various special occasions. Originally, Khan Toke was used in welcoming ceremonies to show respect to the guests but afterward, Khan Toke can be found in other ceremonies as well like weddings, housewarming, or any other auspicious ceremonies. Nowadays, Khan Toke is easily found in Northern people’s houses and used as a dining table in their daily lives. It can be said that the most outstanding of eating with Khan Toke is sitting on the floor and eating together with members of the family or even your guests.

    Khan Toke is a rounded table with various diameters, the small one is suitable for 2-3 persons and the bigger one is for 3-5 persons.

    Normally, Khan Toke is made from wood, weaved bamboo, or rattan (palm). So, it is quite durable and easy to clean.  The diameter varies, with a standard height of about 9-10 inches. The handmade style does lead to a difference in size and shape.


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Thai Khan Toke Rattan Trays are pedestal trays used as small dining tables in Northern and some Northeastern Thai homes, restaurants, or temples. They are also used as dining furniture on special occasions such as weddings, housewarming parties, and temple festivals. Uniquely Thai carries Khan Toke in various sizes. The height is about 9 to 10 inches. This Khan Toke can be used for a single person or multiple people. This rattan tray is considered lightweight yet durable. Made from bamboo, Raton, and wood. Hand-crafted in remote villages and imported to the united states. These are not machine made denoted by their unique imperfections

Product of Thailand.

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