Rama V The Fifth King of Thailand

Solid Wood Picture frame 19″ x 24″ exterior dimensions.

Chulalongkorn, also called Phrachunlachomklao, the posthumous name Rama V, (born Sept. 20, 1853, Bangkok, Siam [now Thailand]—died Oct. 23, 1910, Bangkok), king of Siam who avoided colonial domination and embarked upon far-reaching reforms.

Chulalongkorn was the ninth son of King Mongkut, but since he was the first to be born to a royal queen, he was recognized as heir to the throne. He was only 15 years old when his father died in October 1868, and he succeeded to the throne under the regency of Somdet Chao Phraya Si Suriyawong (q.v.). Over the next five years, he was prepared to assume his duties by observing court business and by travels to British Malaya and the Dutch East Indies in 1871 and to Malaya, Burma (Myanmar), and India in 1871–72.

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