Thai Buddhist Monk Robe Set


Quality wrinkle free, color will not easily fade complete set of traditional Thai Monk Robe. Muslin Fabric


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Quality wrinkle free, Muslin Fabric color will not easily fade complete set of traditional Thai Monk Robe.  Muslin Fabric

Thai Buddhist Monk Full Robe Set 7 pcs Theravada Priest Orange Uniform Garment Muslin Fabric Asian Men Body Height 6ft Costume Outfit Ritual

A beautiful Kāṣāya monk’s robe. This is a working robe set made exclusively for the practicing Buddhist Monks of Thailand and other countries that follow Theravada sect of Buddhism. 

Sewn from 100% heavy cotton, durable and sophisticated Muslin fabric. Comfortable to wear, good air ventilation, long lasting and easier to wash and dry. 

Buddhist Kāṣāya is said to have originated in India as set of robes for the devotees of the Lord Buddha. Original Kāṣāya robes were constructed of discarded fabric. These were stitched together to form three rectangular pieces of cloth, which were then fit over the body in a specific manner. The three main pieces of cloth are the antarvāsa, the uttarāsaṅga, and the saṃghāti. Together they form the “triple robe,” or tricīvara. The tricīvara is described more fully in the Theravāda Vinaya

The Kāṣāya buddhist monk robe consists of:

The antarvāsa is the inner robe covering the lower body. It is the undergarment that flows underneath the other layers of clothing. It has a large neck, and almost entirely covers the torso. In representations of the Buddha, the bottom of the antarvāsa usually protrudes, and appears in the rough shape of a triangle.

A robe covering the upper body. It comes over the undergarment, or antarvāsa. In representations of the Buddha, the uttarāsaṅga rarely appears as the uppermost garment, since it is often covered by the outer robe, or saṃghāti.

The saṃghāti is an outer robe used for various occasions. It comes over the upper robe (uttarāsaṅga), and the undergarment (antarvāsa). In representations of the Buddha, the saṃghāti is usually the most visible garment, with the undergarment or uttarāsaṅga protruding at the bottom. It is quite similar in shape to the Greek himation, and its shape and folds have been treated in Greek style in the Greco-Buddhist art of Gandhāra.

This 7 piece monk robe set includes: Three garments of a Buddhist monk (1.robe 2.sarong 3.extra robe) 4. Angsa 5. Salutation – cloth (small piece of the yellow robe) 6. Robe over a Buddhist monk’s shoulder 7. Waist band 

Package includes 1 full set of Thai Buddhist monk robe

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