About Uniquely Thai

Uniquely Thai was founded in 2003 by Daniel and Naree Jolin with the goal of bringing the unique Thai Styles of Thailand to the United States for those who have and have not yet been to the friendliest country on the face of the earth.

Our Uniquely Thai Staff have researched and found that furniture buyers, sellers and collectors from around the world have always prized pieces from Southeast Asia both for their use of exclusive natural materials and the elegant styles, influenced by the unique cultures and lifestyles, found in the region.

Thailand’s furniture industry is one of the strongest in the region due to its superior production quality, innovative styling and flexibility in material use, as well as the county’s relative political and economic stability compared to competitors in Vietnam, Indonesia, and Malaysia.

Using established and trusted family contacts in Thailand we manage procurement and packing, cutting out middlemen. We use the Keep it simple (KISS) method Uniquely Thai’s overhead is lowered; so the handicrafts are brought to you at the lowest possible price. This does not lessen the steps in the process but increases the probability the products received in the United States for resale will be of the quality, quantity and price to be very competitive.

Our Key goals import quality unique home and office decorating options. Keep the customer base happy and not lose sight of customer service. Uniquely Thai will sell only high quality Thai and Asian style products. Our number one goal it to provide superior customer service to our customers; a happy customer will come back and recommend our products to family and friends. Hand in hand with this philosophy we build strong long-term relationships with clients and network associates by acting with integrity and professionalism.

We also provide a wide selection of midrange and high-end new furniture and gifts. Uniquely Thai offers the best value to customers who search for quality furniture design. Due to common down-sizing and re-structuring other organizations are driven towards changes to streamline business in order to remain competitive and escalate profit margins. It is inevitable for companies to focus on cost-effective methods of conducting business.

Uniquely Thai is dedicated to accommodate budgetary constraints and pass on viable savings to our customers. We will maintain a superior level of customer service and personal customer relations.

Uniquely Thai is privately-owned retailer of quality solid wood home and home office furniture, along with unique quality accent pieces. We don’t just say we are “unique”. We are! We cater to customers in all economic groups who care about quality furniture and fine gift ideas for family and friends.

Showroom and warehouse are located in Oxnard, California at 351 E. Wooley Rd. Thanks again for taking the time to find out about Uniquely Thai. If you have any other question feel free to call us at 1-805-487-1859.

We hope to see you in our showroom.