Collection: Lek Lai Mineral Statues from Thailand

Crafted from LekLai.

The words Lek Laï may be translated as "steel eel," an allusion to the ability of certain Lek Laï to assume the liquid state. In many tales, one is assured that Lek Laï is not a simple mineral but a metal animal capable of "swimming across mountains." One of the foremost powers of Lek Laï is to render its wearer invulnerable and to prevent any firearms from going off anywhere near him.

It can just as quickly be used as a weapon of attack, at once reverting to the liquid state, flowing toward the victim, invading his body by the nostrils and ears, poisoning his blood, and immediately returning to its guardian in its usual form. The consequences of putting Lek Laï into action vary so greatly from one person to another; I insist that clients coming to this site use their intuition and discernment in their resolve to purchase Lek Laï and primarily not to employ it as a substitute for medical treatment or putting it to work as a bulletproof vest. Lek Laï is a gift of Nature; one cannot change it; one cannot improve it in some artificial way. Healers report that it lends its power to theirs, thus increasing their efficacy and lending greater strength to their medicines. One should remember that each kind of Lek Laï has its special abilities. One should NEVER disrespect and put these powers to the test, either bringing about its disappearance or creating a serious "accident" (for example, there is no way Lek Laï do its work if its wearer is dumb enough to be shot voluntarily). It is urgent to appreciate that a very, very special substance is being discussed here that is known to be lived in by a "spirit" capable of making its the most common types of Lek Laï should be "fed" at least once a week by putting them in contact with honey, preferably in the moonlight. The rest of the time, they should be kept either in a reliquary worn about the neck or in a wax capsule. If one doesn't take proper care of one's Lek Laï, it will vanish unexpectedly, no matter what obstacles one attempts to put off thwarting its escape.