Collection: Cast Resin Figurines

Resin Thai Figurines

Thai figurines come in many shapes and forms, representing the diverse Thai culture and Buddhist religion. These statues are especially attractive to purchasers of wholesale products as they are manufactured in the kingdom of Thailand and ready for export. Best used as decorative items, the Thai figurines are available in a variety of themes.

As Thailand is a land of diverse images and peoples and also a leading manufacturer of resin figurines, there is a vast range of items available representing the kingdom. Thai figurines range from 15cm Muay Thai boxers and Buddhas to large, 36 cm-high pictures of past Thai kings. Thai figurines cast in resin come in dark brown and are a common feature of any Thai handicraft market. 

Images of Thailand have become popular and fashionable items to have in the home. Their low price, range, and availability mean the scope for buying wholesale and selling at a significant markup is certainly viable. Buddha statues are particularly sought after. The best aspect of Thai figurines and statues constructed of resin, other than the price, is that they are durable and easy to keep clean.

Thailand is among the world's most exciting countries, revered for its colorful and smiling people, quality beaches and resorts, bustling cities, and sublime weather. Whether you visit the famous diving islands of the south and Gulf, the intriguing cities of the north, bustling Bangkok, or relax in the myriad of national parks, Thailand has it all. It is also well known for its unique crafts markets, where Thai statues and figurines are available.

Thai figurines can usually be found in various materials, including fishbone (very common), teak wood, bronze, and many other types of medium. Resin is perhaps the cheapest form of Thai statue and can be cast into any shape or style. Statues of the Lord Buddha are particularly sought after and come in various shapes and sizes.