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Buddha Resin Yellow-Yellow : 11"

Buddha Resin Yellow-Yellow : 11"


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The legend of the Emerald Buddha is related to a number of sources such as Jinakalamali, Amarakatabuddharupanidana, and in particular, Ratanabimbavamsa or The Chronicle of the Emerald Buddha written in Pali by Brahmarājaprajña in the 15th century (but the oldest extant manuscript dates only to 1788).[5] The story is a mix of facts and fables with some variations of the story.[6] According to the legend, the Emerald Buddha was created in 43 BCE by a sage named Nagasena in the city of Pataliputra (today's Patna), India. Nagasena allegedly had the help of the deities, Vishnu and Indra, 500 years after Buddha attained Nibbana. He was said to have predicted.

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