Collection: Dragon Figurines


               Because so many wooden products are made in factories in the North of Thailand, a lot of sawdust is left over. The wood used to make furniture and other pieces will be rich in substance and from quality trees, so the final result of the compressed sawdust figurines and sculptures will be durable and attractive. The waste reduction is significant, and it will make marketing the compressed sawdust figurines as reclaimed handicrafts even easier for you. Not only does recycling the sawdust help the recycling mission of the area, but it also improves the local economy because local craftsmen can make a living.


               The beautiful compressed sawdust figurines are taken through a particular process, and careful attention to detail is necessary to get the ideal look that customers will value. The process involved mixing specific wood dust, such as acacia, mango, or rubber wood, with glue or resin. The figurine then astonishingly comes to life through the hand-sculpted motions of the artisan and delicate painting by well-trained hands. The most popular figurines are the iguana and dragon and functional pieces like bamboo incense holders and branch pencils with animal figurines.