Collection: Buddhist Altar Sets

In Thai Buddhism, altars are consistently symmetrical and can vary in complexity, often adorned with symbolic offerings. These offerings may include: - Flowers, representing space - Bowls of water, symbolizing the water element

  • Candles, denoting the fire element
  • Fruits, embodying the earth

Incense sticks, representing air It is customary in Thailand to present colorful flowers, candles, and incense sticks to Buddha images, Buddhist monks, and individuals of higher rank. These offerings have deep roots in tradition and are integral to Thai culture. Theravada Buddhism is prominent in Laos and practiced by 66% of the population. Lao Buddhism constitutes a distinct version of Theravada Buddhism, deeply embedded in Lao ethnic culture. In rural areas, Lao Buddhism is often closely associated with animist beliefs and a reverence for ancestral spirits.