Hill Tribe Dolls Karen or Yang-


Beautiful hand decorated Hill Tribe Dolls of Thailand. Crafted in the remote villages each comes with a note in English describing the history of the costume on the doll.

Karen in Thailand are divided into 2 major groups: Sako-Karen and Pow-Karen Smaller groups are Kaya and Pa-o Most Karen houses are built on foothills, lower than those of other tribes Their houses are raised high from the ground, leaving their space under them for family gatherings and for such daily activities as chopping up firewood and husking rice by pounding it. Also, at night the place serves as an enclosure for pets.
Karen hold in deep respect the village monks and the senior. In case there is a quarrel among villagers, the monks and the senior are responsible in restoring peace and will see to it that the well-being of the villager is maintained.


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Hill Tribe Dolls Karen or Yang- 12″

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