Round Jade Buddha Pendant


Jade pendant with a buddha that rotates inside, he will always have his head on the top. 3/4″ Diameter

Jade is one of the most favorite materials in carvings used in various feng shui cures, and it is also much loved as a medium for various jewelry pieces from beads to bracelets and rings. It is especially popular in ancient and modern Asian arts and crafts but is also popular with artisans from all over the world. The term jade applies to two different minerals nephrite and jadeite and most of the world’s commercial supply of jade comes from China, Russia, and the U.S., though the mineral is found all over the world.


The teachings of Buddha are deep and once a person has allowed themselves to learn those teaching, it is common for them to bring those concepts into every aspect of their life. It may be found in the home with a statue or it may be in a piece of jewelry they wear. A pendant with Buddha is common so that they have the blessings with them no matter where they are.

This can be confusing because Buddhism teaches us that external objects and possessions cannot bring lasting happiness. But the purchase of Dharma items is with the intention of elevating the practice of Buddhism. This type of materialism is found in several forms, creating a reminder to practice the spiritual qualities that Buddhism represents.


Materialism is not associated with spirituality, but it has become more commonplace. And Buddhist teachers caution students about the dangers of bringing material items into their practice of following Buddhism. In his book, ‘Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism’, Chögyam Trungpa, the Tibetan Buddhist master, coined the term ‘spiritual materialism. In detail, he explained how mistakes are being made by those who practice Buddhism of their spirituality to support their individuality, hinting that it is a form of ego-grasping.

All of the sudden, it seems that our spiritual practice that was once designed to minimize our egocentricity is now fueled by materialism with pendants and statues. This can happen easily in the form of expressing our spiritual experience and taking pride in displaying those experiences with spiritual paraphernalia.

Or are men and women surrounding themselves with tribal jewelry such as bracelets, earrings, pendants, and rings for personal peace and satisfaction? Ornaments such as these are found in a variety of gems and metals, representation of different civilizations. Each of them is a sacred symbol that represents things such as fertility, food, good karma and luck, health, and victory.  The art, material, and sophistication used to create them only add beauty and value to it. Some of the items we find people wearing each has a specific meaning and purpose, such as these:

Jade In Alternative Healing

For followers of alternative healing practices, jade carries a sweet, light and nourishing energy that can feel very healing. It has a soothing purity about it, and it goes about purifying your energy field in a manner that is accepting, loving, and wise.

One obvious meaning of the jade stone is purity or purification. And because jade is regarded as a stone that protects and supports loving heart energy, jade also symbolizes gentleness and nourishment. For some users of jade, the stone may have the feeling of an ancient sage that is so centered that merely being in its presence creates a feeling of being elevated and nurtured.
Unlike some other minerals, jade creates no strong rush of energy. This makes its energy very different from other popular feng shui stones, such as pyrite or hematite. The message of jade is “Love and Accept Yourself,” and its powerful healing effects begin by helping you align yourself with balanced, harmonious energy. So, yet another meaning of jade is harmony and balance.


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Jade Buddha Pendant 3/4″ Diameter with a likeness of Buddha in the center.

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