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These traditional handcrafted triangle pillows have 3 folding cushions that can be set in different positions which make them extremely comfortable. Our three-fold cushions have a cotton exterior with colorful patterns and are stuffed with Kapok and other natural fibers to keep the firm shape for many years. This size is Traditional handicraft triangle pillows with three fold mattress attached to the pillow. These multi position pillow and mattress combinations are firm and extremely comfortable; they can be used in various situations. Our pillows and cushions have a cotton exterior with colorful patterns. They are available filled with soft Natural Kapok and other natural fibers or Natural Buckwheat hulls or sewn pillow fabric only so you can fill them with your own materials.   3″ x 32″ x 74″

This item is not a completed pillow. IT DOES NOT HAVE FILLER. It is the fabric only. You will need to provided the filler and sew the closing stitch. If you want a ready to use pillow make sure it says Kapok Fill.


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Large Triangle Pillow and Pad_2 No Filler 3″ x 32″ x 74″

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Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in

1 review for Large Triangle Pillow and Pad_2

  1. Sean

    I was wondering how much kapok it takes to fill an unstuffed large pillow with 3 pads like part number M-155-L-NB-B-W-E-NO

    • Jolin Daniel

      About 8 pounds. The key is to use a core of rice straw or similar sturdy fiber, then pack the kapok around. That is what keeps the mattress firm.

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