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Monk Ordination Multi Level Ceremonial Bowl Stand

Monk Ordination Multi Level Ceremonial Bowl Stand


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Ceremonial Stand 15" Diameter x 15" Overall height.  This item is cast resin with a golden finish. 

Buddhism is an integral part of Thai culture. Thais believe that when a man turns 20, he should be ordained and enter a monastery for some time to study dharma, the teachings of the Lord Buddha. This tradition is considered a great act of religious service and a significant merit-making occasion for the ordained family. It is a way for Thai men to express gratitude to their parents for raising and nurturing them. The ordination ceremony or Buat Nak (บวชนาค) in the Thai language is, therefore, an essential rite of passage for Thai males. 

In the past, Buddhist men generally stayed in the monkhood for three months during Khao Phansa (เข้าพรรษา), the Buddhist Lent period, which coincides with the rainy season. In ancient times, monks roamed everywhere to teach dharma. As they waded through rice fields in the rainy season, they often trampled on the commoners’ precious rice stalks by accident. Lord Buddha, therefore, ordered the monks to halt their pilgrimages during the rainy season. Instead, they were told to remain within their monasteries, studying and practicing dharma. This was also a good time for young men to be ordained to learn the teachings of the religion.  More...

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