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Thai Khan Toke Tray Serving Table SOLD INDIVIDUALLY by Diameter

Thai Khan Toke Tray Serving Table SOLD INDIVIDUALLY by Diameter


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Sold EACH by Diameter of the Top +- 1/2" due to being handmade.  

Thai KhanToke Rattan Trays are pedestal trays used as small dining tables in Northern and some Northeastern Thai homes, restaurants, or temples. They are also used as dining furniture on special occasions such as weddings, housewarming parties, and temple festivals. Uniquely Thai carries KhanToke in various sizes. The height is about 9 to 10 inches. This Khan Toke can be used for a single person or multiple people. This rattan tray is considered lightweight yet durable and made from bamboo, Raton, and wood. Hand-crafted in remote villages and imported to the United States. These are not machines made denoted by their unique imperfections.

Where is the Tradition of Thai food served on a KhanToke tray?

The KhanToke tray is associated with the dinner name, a centuries-old tradition; expect to be sitting down to a well-presented dinner on a round tray placed on a table only about a foot or two off the ground. Khantoke dinner consists of rice, Northern Thai dishes, and finger food. While you may be given a fork and spoon, it is encouraged to use your fingers.

Product of Thailand.

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