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Teppanom or Thephanom Angel 30 Inch Tall

Teppanom or Thephanom Angel 30 Inch Tall


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Carved from solid wood with a gold-leaf finish, this Teppanom Thai mythical angel is 30 " tall and features multi-colored and clear mirror accents. 

The Thephanom is a mythological angel and part of the Buddhist tradition in Thailand. It is thought that these angels descended from the heavens to pay their respects when the Buddha reached enlightenment and to celebrate such a monumental event. The traditional costume and head ornament shows significant detail, and her facial expression is enchanting. The angel kneels in the respectful Thai greeting, palms together in a wai. In Thailand, they are seen in royal palaces, at the entrance to Buddhist temples, and in restaurants as a welcoming symbol to all guests.

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