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Benjarong Tea Set for Four

Benjarong Tea Set for Four


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Benjarong Tea Set with an 8" teapot and five serving cups. 

Benjarong porcelain was initially produced exclusively for the royal court and was used to create ornate dishes, vases, and other decorative objects. The porcelain was often embellished with gold or silver leaf, making it even more luxurious and valuable. It was also used as a diplomatic gift to foreign dignitaries, further cementing its status as a Thai culture and refinement symbol. The name “Benjarong” is derived from the Thai words “benja” (five) and “rong” (color). Traditional Benjarong porcelain is characterized by its use of five colors – black, white, green, yellow, and red – which are often arranged in intricate patterns and designs. These designs often feature Thai culture and mythology elements, such as the Garuda, a bird-like creature from Hindu and Buddhist mythology.

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