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Lady Mo (YaMo)

Lady Mo (YaMo)


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Solid Wood Picture frame 19″ x 24″ exterior dimensions.

Thao Suranari, also known as Lady Mo (YaMo), is famous for the bravery she displayed against an invading army of Laos soldiers. She is for all purposes the patron saint of Korat, and a statue of her, which is a popular object of veneration, stands in the middle of Korat, approximately 3 km from Centre Point Hotel Terminal 21 Korat. The statue itself is well worth seeing, but so is the chance to observe the reverence she is held in by all of the many locals who come to pay their devotions every day of the year and to see how modern-day Korat is still intertwined with its past.

Should you also wish to pay your respects you can place flowers, food, or incense in front of her statute. And if you are in Korat at the end of March or beginning of April you can also witness the annual festival held in her honor.

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