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Nang Kwak Call Money Lek Lai 8" Tall

Nang Kwak Call Money Lek Lai 8" Tall


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Crafted from Lek Lai minerals.
The words Lek Laï may be translated as "steel eel," an allusion to the ability of certain Lek Laï to assume the liquid state. In many tales, one is assured that Lek Laï is not a simple mineral but a kind of metal animal capable of "swimming across mountains." One of the foremost powers of Lek Laï is to render its wearer invulnerable and to prevent any firearms from going off anywhere near him.

Leklai is a sacred substance found in caves in Thailand, believed to possess protective and healing properties. Some consider it spiritual and mystical material and use it in various religious and traditional practices. However, it's important to note that scientific evidence supporting any supernatural or miraculous properties of lek lai needs to be improved.

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