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Sawasdee Statue of a Thai Boy in Green 30" to 60" Tall

Sawasdee Statue of a Thai Boy in Green 30" to 60" Tall


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30-60" Tall Sawasdee Boy Statue Plain Green Pants. 

The wai gesture originated in Buddhism and has similar origins to namaste in Hinduism. It was a yogic posture of the palms and signifies the equal meeting of the two palms. It means that the other party is treated as an equal human being.[2][3]

The word often spoken with the wai as a greeting or farewell is "sawatdi" (RTGS for สวัสดี, pronounced [sā.wàt.dīː], sometimes romanized as sawasdee). This verbal greeting is usually followed by "kha" when spoken by a female and by "khrap" when spoken by a male person (see note on Thai polite particles). The word sawatdi was coined in the mid-1930s by Phraya Upakit Silapasan of Chulalongkorn University.[4] Derived from the Sanskrit svasti (स्वस्ति meaning 'well-being'), it had previously been used in Thai only as a formulaic opening to inscriptions. The strongly nationalist government of Plaek Phibunsongkhram in the early–1940s promoted its use in the government bureaucracy and the wider populace as part of a more comprehensive set of cultural edicts to modernize Thailand.



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