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Solid Hardwood Desk Constructed of Narra Wood

Solid Hardwood Desk Constructed of Narra Wood


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Solid hardwood desk constructed from Asian Hardwood (Pterocarpus indicus, Red Narra) 31"deep x 59 wide x 32" High. Each drawer is individually keyed. This is a natural wood desk with no particle board or plywood.  A way of allowing a unique piece of furniture in your office to optimize your workspace for productivity. This desk is a once-in-a-century purchase. If it ever needed to be refinished it only needs to be sanded and a new coat of lacquer. This is a clear lacquer showing the natural beauty of its grains. Nara wood is a rare hardwood, highly prized which gives an outstanding finish. The wood is hard, heavy, and dense and develops a beautiful patina as it ages. The wood is finely figured and highly valued for its attractive and luxury-class redwood. It's mainly used in the furniture industry, flooring, trim, and construction of fine musical instruments. This rare wood find could be worth thousands in lumber only. 

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