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Thai Khim Brown Lacquer Dulcimer with Carry Case

Thai Khim Brown Lacquer Dulcimer with Carry Case


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The khim (Thaiขิม [kʰǐm]Laoຂິມ [kʰĭm]Khmerឃឹម [kʰɨm]) is a stringed musical instrument derived from the Mesopotamian or Persian Santur. It is similar to the Hammered Dulcimer or Cimbalom.[1] This khim was introduced to Thailand from China,[2]: 60 where a similar (though, since the late 20th century, usually larger) instrument is called yangqin, and introduced to Laos and Cambodia from Thailand later.[2]: 60 It is played with two flexible bamboo sticks with soft leather at the tips to produce a soft tone. This instrument can be played by either sitting down on the floor with the khim on the floor, or by sitting on a chair or standing while the khim is on a stand. The khim produces a bright and expressive sound when played. It is made of wood, with brass strings that are laid across the instrument. The Australian-born musician and vocal artist Lisa Gerrard specializes in the use of a khim hammered dulcimer, featuring its music on several albums and performing with the instrument live on tour.

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