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Thai Spirit House Altar 14" x 32"Tall

Thai Spirit House Altar 14" x 32"Tall


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It is constructed from young teakwood for long-lasting outside or inside use. This Spirit House Altar is 14" wide x 32" Tall. 

In Thailand, this kind of house was believed to be built for spirits to reside. Daily offerings are given to keep its resident spirit content, and good luck will be in return. The Spirit House, or San Phra Phum, is opposite most houses and business buildings.

Sarn Pra Prom (Brahm) is more associated with larger establishments such as hotels and office blocks. This has an open-sided ‘house’ and is home to Brahma, the Hindu God of creation and displays the faces of kindness, impartiality, sympathy and mercy from its four sides.

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