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Tia-To-Lai Monk Robe YG 1.9

Tia-To-Lai Monk Robe YG 1.9


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This is a working robe set made exclusively for the practicing Buddhist Monks of Thailand and other countries that follow Buddhist rituals—sewn from durable fabric. Comfortable to wear, good air ventilation, long-lasting, and easier to wash and dry.

This 7-piece monk robe set includes Three garments of a Buddhist monk uniform.

1. robe

2. sarong

3. extra robe

4. Angsa

5. Salutation - cloth (small piece of the yellow robe)

6. Robe over a Buddhist monk's shoulder

Size XS 1.8 For body height up to 5' - length 10.5' (320cm)

Size S 1.9- For body height up to 5.5' - length 10.5' (320cm)

Size M 2.1- For body height up to 5.9' (180cm)- Robe width 6.8' (210cm) x length 10.5' (320cm)

Size L 2.3 - For body height more than 5.9' (higher than 180cm)- Robe width 7.2' (220cm) x length 10.5' (320cm)

Note: Apart from the body height, the robe size also varies depending on the person's body width (i.e., how fat you are). Before ordering, please measure your body size carefully and let us know your body size so we can ship the proper robe size for you. The package includes one complete set of Thai Buddhist monk robes.

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