Collection: Thai Spirit Houses and Accessories

Many Thais practice Thai Spirit House rituals. Spirit Worship is as old as mankind itself. In Thailand, the phenomenon of Thai Spirit Houses goes back to the ancient days when the Thai people began their slow migration from the Red River Delta in northern Vietnam. Then, to all parts of the Southeast Asian region. Spirit Worship, or Animism, is a religion by which the entire world lived at one time, and when Buddhism came to Southeast Asia, it developed side by side with the ancient spirit religion. Many old animistic beliefs are intertwined with Buddhism today, and some animistic practices still exist in Thailand.

The Thai Spirit House is usually seen in a prominent spot outside every business establishment or home in the country. They are placed on a pedestal in front of every hotel. They dress in the corner garden area of a restaurant, in front of a bar, in a disco, or in Spirit Houses, which are even seen at outdoor food markets. They are built on the grounds of Buddhist temples. Outside caves in the mountains, near fishing ponds in the valleys, and occasionally in the middle of an uninhabited forest. Most importantly, however. The Thai Spirit House is built for the yard of every home.

There are countless gods and other celestial beings in Thai folklore, The primary spirits of Thai are concerned with, however, is called the Phra Bhum Jowthee, or Guardian Spirits of the Land, There are nine guardians and each offers a different type of protection. The Guardian of the House and the Gardens are so frequently consulted with and prayed to that they are the only two with permanent spirit houses built for them. The Guardian of the House is the spirit that watches over and protects the home. It is still being determined whether one spirit watches over all homes or if individual spirits do this for each home. However, all you have to do in Thailand is look around, and you'll see that every home has a spirit house. Thai families who believe wholeheartedly in the Spirit House and its importance. Most will light incense every morning and present offerings as they ask the spirit to watch over and protect the home. Others do it on ritual occasions.

The Guardian of the House includes the spirit or spirits who help in business matters, and spirit houses at business sites are of the same type. In Thailand, the business and the home are more often than not in the same location.

The Guardian of the Gardens also has a permanent spirit house shelter built for them. This spirit watches over and protects the Thai family's natural surroundings, yards, gardens, and orchards. There is a separate spirit for rice fields, so the Guardian of Gardens should not be mistaken for a spirit protecting all of agriculture. Instead, nature, flowers, plants, and fruit are so important to the Thais that the Guardian of the Gardens receives a separate and permanent house.

The other seven Guardians of the Land are Protector of Gates and Stairwells, who are believed to reside in the home doorstep, which explains why one should never step on the doorstep of a Thai home, Protector of Animals, Protector of Storehouses and Barns, Protector of Forests, Mountains, fields and Paddles, Protector of Temples, Protector of Waters, and Protector of Military Forts and Defence.

Offerings to a spirit house and the spirit intended to reside within can be nearly anything. Traditional offerings include flower garlands, betel leaves, bananas, rice, chicken, duck, and a wide range of other edibles and non-edibles. Candles are often used, while incense is usually lit daily before a Spirit House spirit's house.

There are Spirit Houses everywhere In Thailand. Some very famous ones, such as the one that houses the Chiangmai City Pillar, are large enough to walk into. A visit to Wat Chedi Luang in Chiang Mai will allow you to see it yourself. These people go to make offerings and request aid from the spirits to help them with monumental tasks such as bringing in the coming rice harvest. The ritual at such events often involves hundreds of people, with a common goal. The spirit is called upon to help all. In return, people promise future offerings if they are successful. Thus, a return visit to repay the spirit for his help is another important part of the ritual.

Even today, the Spirit House is one of the most fundamental features of Thai life, and it is easily the most obvious. In Thailand, devotion to Buddhism most often shows itself in ritual within a temple, while Thai devotion to the spirits, especially the Guardians of the land, most often shows itself in their front yards.